Anita Nagarajan

Freelance Editor and Writer, Communications Consultant

I’m a communications consultant and freelance English-language editor and writer, specializing in educational, scientific, and technical content. I offer content creation/development, copywriting, editing, and proofreading services for the web, print, and social media to academia, publishers, scientists/researchers, non-profit organizations, and businesses/corporates.

I help organizations and individuals communicate effectively with their audience by enhancing the structure, clarity, and relevance of different types of content:

  • textbooks, instructional material, teaching guides
  • research articles, research papers
  • corporate slide decks, technical presentations, reports
  • newsletters, flyers, social media posts, website content

I have a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. In continuing professional development, I have pursued and completed various courses in content writing, science writing, professional editing, effective communication, and human-centered design. I am a member of ACES: The Society for Editing, a leading US-based organization for editing professionals.

Training and CPD

  • Editing, Copyediting, Editing for the Web, SEO
  • Enhancing Readability, Writing Alt Text
  • Writing Grant Proposals
  • Writing in the Sciences
  • House Styles, Social Media Communication
  • Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation
  • Science Journalism Workshop, Basic & Advanced Levels
  • Virtual Instruction, Online Education, Improving Human Talents (Personal and Social Capabilities)
  • French language courses and certification, Levels A2-B2
  • Italian language courses and certification


  • MS degree in Computer Science

    North Carolina State University, USA

  • BE degree in Computer Engineering

    Government College of Engineering, Pune, India


For academic research projects:

Writing and editing content for effective communication of science and technology to various audiences.

Creating and editing teaching/learning material and educational tools.

Creating and managing documentation and style guides.

For non-profit organizations:

Creating content for websites, newsletters, reports, and fundraising campaigns. Copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading of newsletters, flyers, reports, and social media and website content.

Developing communication material for outreach and dissemination efforts.

Creating and managing documentation and style guides.

For researchers:

Copyediting and proofreading research manuscripts and technical papers (Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, and related interdisciplinary fields).

For technology firms and other businesses:

Copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading technical presentations, newsletters, reports, corporate decks, product decks, and social media and website content.

Creating and managing documentation and style guides.


Content Creation and Editing:

My experience includes

  • creating teaching aids (teaching tools and lesson plans) for teachers/educators
  • editing textbooks and research manuscripts
  • developing and editing instructional guides and training material (in collaboration with subject matter experts)
  • facilitating teacher training workshops globally in English and French
  • creating project documentation (including in-depth reports, articles, and communication material)
  • creating survey and analysis reports
  • writing and editing grant proposals
  • creating fundraising initiatives and developing content for fundraising campaigns
  • creating, editing, and publishing newsletters, social media posts, and website content
  • coordinating and implementing outreach and dissemination efforts
  • coordinating global partnerships
  • managing translation efforts with translators from various countries
  • facilitating training sessions in various aspects of content writing and documentation

I have worked on a three-year global climate change education project funded by the International Science Council; edited content for leading publishers such as Pearson and companies like Editage (CACTUS Communications) and American Journal Experts; and written and edited content for global non-profits, multinational companies, and organizations in the UN network. In these projects, I have collaborated with domain and subject matter experts from countries across the world.

Software Design and Development:

  • Technical Team Lead and Software Engineer, Intel India

I was a software engineer in the graphics display driver team (Intel Integrated Graphics) and was later the technical team leader of the Video BIOS team. I implemented new feature requests, enabled new display technologies, provided technical (engineering) inputs in product development meetings, reviewed design and technical specifications with the architecture team, created High Level Design documents for new display technologies, provided engineering impact analysis for new feature requests, and suggested and implemented process improvements and new methods for improved efficiency (as member of a virtual quality team).

  • Software Engineer, IBM Global Services, India


Education, Pedagogy, Climate Change

• “Climate Change Across the Curriculum”, by R. Chopra, A. Joshi, A. Nagarajan, N. Fomproix and L. S. Shashidhara in Climate Change and the Role of Education (Eds. Walter Leal Filho, Sarah L. Hemstock), Springer International Publishing, 2019, Chapter 4, pages 53-69. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-32898-6. https://www.springer.com/in/book/9783030328979

Computer Science (Research)

• “Detailed Cache Coherence Characterization for OpenMP benchmarks” by J. Marathe, A. Nagarajan and F. Mueller in International Conference on Supercomputing, June 2004, pages 287-297. https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/1006209.1006250 https://arcb.csc.ncsu.edu/~mueller/ftp/pub/mueller/papers/ics04.pdf

• “Detailed Cache Coherence Characterization for OpenMP benchmarks” by A. Nagarajan, J. Marathe, F. Mueller in TR 2004-9, Dept of Computer Science, North Carolina State University, Mar 2004. https://arcb.csc.ncsu.edu/~mueller/ftp/pub/mueller/papers/TR-2004-9.pdf

Children’s Literature

• “A Special Journey” by Anita Nagarajan. For Pratham Books Storyweaver https://storyweaver.org.in/stories/13175-a-special-journey

• “Classes begin after the holidays” translated (from French to English) by Anita Nagarajan. For Pratham Books Storyweaver https://storyweaver.org.in/stories/134086-classes-begin-after-the-holidays

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I live in the charming city of Pune, considered to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra, India.

For inquiries and discussions about consulting or freelance opportunities in editing, writing, documentation, or training, please contact me via e-mail or LinkedIn.