Consulting for researchers:

Copy editing and proofreading of research manuscripts and technical papers (Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and related interdisciplinary fields).

Consulting for non-profit organizations:

Content creation for websites, newsletters and reports. Copy writing, copy editing and proofreading of newsletters, flyers, reports, and social media and website content.

Consulting for technology firms and other businesses:

Copy writing, copy editing and proofreading of technical presentations, newsletters, reports, corporate decks, product decks, and social media and website content.

Consulting for academic research projects:

Writing and editing content for effective communication of science and technology to various audiences.


Editing and Content Writing:

  • Edited research manuscripts (in Computer Science and related interdisciplinary fields) for authors from various countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Brazil, Germany, and France. Target publications typically include IEEE transactions, IEEE conferences, and Elsevier journals.
  • Edited newsletters, flyers, blog posts, and social media and website content for corporate clients and international non-profit organizations.
  • Edited corporate and product decks for businesses.
  • Created website content for corporate clients.
  • Facilitated training sessions in various aspects of writing and documentation.
  • Performed research and analysis to propose ideas and solutions for effective communication with various audiences.

Software Design and Development:

  • Technical Team Lead and Software Engineer, Intel India
  • Software Engineer, IBM Global Services

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I live in the charming city of Pune, considered to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra, India. For inquiries and discussions about opportunities to collaborate, please contact me via e-mail or LinkedIn.